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Meet the team


Sonja Hilkhuijsen

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CEO & Founder

In my career, I've achieved significant successes by leveraging my diverse skill set and global experience. I've led teams to implement innovative solutions that enhance regulatory compliance and drive business growth. My track record includes navigating complex regulatory environments globally and driving digital transformation initiatives. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, I've delivered tangible results, positioning organizations for long-term success. I'm passionate about enabling people to thrive in their areas of expertise, striving to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Team of Industrial Engineers


Freelancers & Seasoned senior Experts

Our diverse team of experts covers various domains, from sustainability and ethical business practices to IT, CISO, ICT risk, and ISO. With backgrounds, ages, and cultures, we foster dynamic discussions and bring out the best in every interaction. Collaborating closely with you, we craft bespoke strategies that align with your brand and objectives, ensuring your journey toward ethical success is authentic and effective. Partnering with us means more than just committing to ethical business practices. Join a movement reshaping the business world for the better. We empower your teams to excel and drive positive change, both within your organization and beyond.


We are the vanguard of business value creation, transforming the way we perceive challenges and solutions. Our mission is to empower large corporate entities to not only excel in their markets but also to catalyze positive social change. Rooted in our commitment to ethical excellence, we redefine the corporate landscape, ensuring that every step toward business growth is accompanied by a significant leap in social responsibility.

In an age where corporate integrity and sustainability are paramount, we specialize in guiding companies to navigate this evolving landscape with confidence and foresight. We believe that genuine success extends beyond financial metrics—it's about leaving a meaningful, enduring impact on communities and the environment. Our expertise lies in reshaping corporate strategies to embrace this holistic vision, embedding ethical principles into the very fabric of business operations.


Our values

Strategic Mindset

At the core of our ethos lies a strategic mindset that extends beyond immediate gains, encompassing the broader global context and long-term implications. Our decisions and actions are anchored in a profound understanding of global dynamics and trends, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, driving success on a global scale.

Courageous Action Takers

Bold and decisive action is our modus operandi for driving positive change. At the heart of our approach lies courage, empowering us to confront challenges head-on, push boundaries, and pursue innovative solutions. We embrace risk and uncertainty with confidence, recognizing that it is through action that remarkable outcomes are achieved.

Fostering Human Potential

Our passion lies in unlocking the boundless potential of every individual. Through our commitment to human potential, we create environments where people thrive, grow, and unleash their talents. We champion diversity, inclusion, and continuous learning, recognizing the unique strengths each person brings. Together, we fuel our passion by creating spaces where everyone can flourish and contribute their best.


"Working with Sonja has been truly transformative. Their commitment to ethical excellence and value creation is unmatched. They approach challenges strategically, taking bold action to drive positive change. What sets them apart is their belief in the potential of every individual. They create environments where people can thrive, championing diversity and continuous learning. I highly recommend Linkvalue for anyone seeking consulting services that are effective, ethical, and impactful."

Rashid Nahn
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