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Directorship Services

Diversify your board and elevate your strategy & visions

Elevate your boardroom with a seasoned leader in governance, compliance, and business strategy. With a blend of expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset, I drive visionary decisions grounded in reality. I can also connect and introduce other qualified board members, enriching discussions and maximizing impact at the board level.

Duration: 80 hours

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Board Advisory

Infusing Innovation, Ethics, and Strategic Cost-Efficient Solutions

Elevate your board's effectiveness and strategic foresight with our specialized senior board advisory services in the areas of digital & data, regulatory change and board effectiveness. IT Services & Compliance Solutions: Designed to navigate complex challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape, our IT services encompass ISO certifications, DPOaaS (DPO as a Service), and regulatory compliance updates. We ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve, whether it's implementing ISO27001 standards, managing data protection obligations, or embracing cutting-edge IT solutions. Strategic Projects & Regulatory Updates: Our expertise extends to guiding your board through strategic projects, regulatory updates, and compliance initiatives. From extending your global footprint to adapting to new industry regulations, we provide comprehensive support to drive your organization forward with confidence and agility. Board Self-Assessment & Unlocking Value: Unlock hidden potential within your boardroom through our board self-assessment services. We facilitate a comprehensive evaluation process to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By leveraging diverse perspectives and addressing unconscious biases, we help your board maximize its effectiveness and achieve sustainable growth. Contact us for more insights.

Duration: Depends on the project

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Keynote & Panel Speaking

Inspiring, Engaging and Teaching

Inspire and align your teams with our impactful keynote speeches and panel discussions. Covering IT, diversity, governance, and continuous improvement, our speakers empower your workforce to achieve their best and drive organizational growth.

Duration: Decided upon request

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Pick my Brain

Tap into Vast Experience and Highly Creative Thinking with 'Pick My Brain' – Personalized Expertise

'Pick My Brain' service offers exclusive access to a reservoir of vast experience and highly creative thinking. Unlock expert, strategic insights tailored to your needs, leveraging the deep knowledge and innovative thought processes of a seasoned professional. Whether you face complex challenges or seek innovative strategies for business growth, 'Pick My Brain' provides personalized, one-on-one guidance to drive informed, impactful decisions.

Duration: 1 hour

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